Friday, March 12, 2010

What flower represents happiness?

i am drawing a picture with the theme of "happiness" and i want to put a flower on it. does anyone know a specific type of flower or any flowers that represent happiness or luck...or something bright and uplifting? please let me know. thank you
What flower represents happiness?
the simplest, brightest flower you can think of. A plain yellow daisy, or some sort of open petaled flower.
Reply:I heard that yellow flowers are supposed to represent happiness, and since I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, I just suggest some kind of yellow flower.
Reply:I think any flower really could, with the simplicity and beauty of them.

But i would say bright ones, basics daisies, Sunflowers, bright lilies, morning glories, tulips. I would also say roses but i feel them as more sensual, and romantic, flowers are easily emotion provoking, sunflowers look so happy and bright though, i'd go with them. I hope your drawing goes well :-)
Reply:If you would like a flower that is a symbolic representative of an emotion, there are many online articles with lists of flowers and their various meanings. Have fun going through the lists!

Apple Blossom, and Hyacinth, Marjoram, Mugwort/Wormwood, Roses (Bridal and Pink) are examples of what you are looking for.
Reply:For me the most happy flowers are white %26amp; yellow daisies all mixed together. When I have them in the house I feel really content.
Reply:I've to say Sunflowers. They remind me of a vibrant greenery, nature and sunshine!hairstyles hair style

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